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Vestige Launches New ‘Youth Awareness’ to Mark ‘World Youth Day’ | AFN News

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Vestige launches new “youth awareness” to mark “World Youth Day”

Posted on August 25, 2021

Bombay: Vestige Marketing Ltd, India’s only local direct-selling brand, commemorates “World Youth Day” by encouraging the country’s youth to begin their journey to financial independence through self-reliance.

The company, which has an extensive network of distributors across the country and a global presence in more than 6 countries, wants to encourage more and more young people to join its family. In the light of World Youth Day. Vestige urges its distributors to commit to taking on five young people to put them on the path to financial freedom.

Speaking of the new ‘youth awareness initiative’, Mr. Gautam Bali, Managing Director, Vestige Marketing Ltd said, “India is a young nation with a burgeoning youth population being one of its most precious resources. Educating them, training them and putting them on the path to financial freedom through self-reliance can unlock miracles for the national economy. At Vestige, this is exactly what we intend to do by including more of them to mark World Youth Day. “

Emphasizing the need to train young people for national growth, he added: “Although India has one of the largest eligible working populations in the world, it has yet to close the gap. use. It is not enough to rely on government or public sector companies to provide jobs for our young people. This is why our young people must be sufficiently educated, qualified and trained to become the next generation of micro-entrepreneurs. This needs to be done at the local level to ensure inclusiveness and financial growth both personally and nationally. “

The direct selling sector holds promise for young people as it effectively promotes entrepreneurship and self-employment. Currently, entrepreneurs hold the key to India’s economic development as it leads to the growth of micro-enterprises. This creates room for capital formation, improved per capita income, job creation, improved living standards and economic independence. The direct selling industry has mobilized these attributes through its extensive network of distributors. The sector has multiple benefits for the economy by tackling growing unemployment in India, empowering women and skilled people.

The sector offers income opportunities for the unemployed and passive income for the underemployed. Direct selling can optimally unlock opportunities in level 2 markets and generate substantial income opportunities for young people. This will define a self-reliant India at the local level, as it will boost entrepreneurship. Its potential to fuel the economic dreams of young India is immense.