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President Biden’s remarks during the signing of S. 3522, the “Ukrainian Lend-Lease Defense of Democracy Law of 2022”

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3:08 p.m. EDT

THE PRESIDENT Well, welcome, friends. Today I am accompanied by Senator Cardin — Ben Cardin; Elissa Slotkin; and Congresswoman Victoria Spatz – Spartz, excuse me, who – I was just talking to her about still having family in Ukraine. God loves you.

I – we will – I’m about to sign a bill that these people are responsible – and, of course, the vice president, excuse me. Excuse me.

The — I am signing a bill that provides another important tool in our efforts to support the government of Ukraine and the people of Ukraine in their fight to defend their country and their democracy against Putin’s brutal war. And it’s brutal.

I want to thank the members of Congress here for pushing this through and everyone who supported the bill. And the bill demonstrates that support for Ukraine is essential at this time.

Every day Ukrainians pay with their lives and they fight – and the atrocities the Russians are committing are simply unacceptable. And the cost of fighting is not cheap, but giving in to aggression is even more expensive. That’s why we stay in there.

Yesterday we celebrated VE Day – Victory in Europe Day – marking the end of a transition from the devastation following World War II and the defeat of the Allied nations to the scourge of fascism. in Europe.

And today, Europe honors another important day on the occasion of this anniversary. On May 9, 1950, just a few years after the end of World War II, Europe began working to strengthen the bonds of unity among nations, especially economic unity and shared economic prosperity.

The idea eventually became – what is now a European Union of 27 nations – an economic powerhouse and a global force for peace and close partners to all – on all the issues we face.

And it really – I said it from the beginning: it’s – it’s something that is good for everyone. It brings those countries together in a way that — and they cooperate closely economically. They also cooperate in other ways. And you saw it in their support for Ukraine.

And with Putin’s war once again bringing wanton destruction to Europe, and to reaffirm the enduring commitment to a future based on democracy, human rights and the peaceful resolution of disagreements, I will now sign this law project.

And again, I thank my colleagues who are standing behind me. And – because it’s really important. It matters.

(The invoice is signed.)

There. Fact. Thank you. (Applause.)

3:13 p.m. EDT