Keith Davis’ wife speaks out on Mosby’s indictment

Baltimore state attorney Marilyn Mosby has been indicted by a federal grand jury for perjury, and some have criticized the Baltimore prosecutor.

Keith Davis is charged with the 2015 murder of Kevin Jones, a Pimlico security guard. Davis was shot by police and taken to hospital. He would then be arrested. Davis’ defense attorneys offered a theory that police placed the gun on him after officers shot him.

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Kelly Davis, wife of Keith Davis, reacted to Mosby’s statement on Friday in which the prosecutor declared her innocent of the charges against her.

“It’s typical of Marilyn Mosby where she’s in that victim space,” Davis said. “I make changes, so I’m under surveillance and under a heavy microscope. It’s never my fault, I’m never responsible for many of my choices. It’s because everyone is against me The only thing that shocks me is that she would talk and continue to taunt the feds, but other than that, I’m not shocked at all.

If found guilty, Mr.Osby could face a maximum sentence of five years in federal prison for each of two counts of perjury and a maximum of 30 years in federal prison for each of two counts of false mortgage loan applications.

“I think the choices Marilyn Mosby made in my husband’s business alone caused his lack of integrity and led to this impeachment,” Davis said. “I’m also shocked that by his own account you’re under this great scrutiny that they’ve always been out to catch you and they’ve always been out to attack you. So why would you even do that? Why be so negligent and so audacious to perjure themselves on documents.”

Keith Davis was tried four times for the murder and his conviction was overturned twice by an appeals court. The mistrial was also declared twice. He is currently in prison awaiting a fifth trial.

Supporters of Keith Davis, led by his wife, have protested to “free Keith Davis” over the years. Cellphone video in 2020 captured Mosby showing the middle finger to a man after he said “release Keith Davis Jr” to the Baltimore district attorney.

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Mosby said she wanted justice for Jones, and in doing so, repeatedly put Keith Davis on trial. His wife gives her opinion on why this may be.

“Although my husband has been charged with the murder of this young man, and let me be very clear that he absolutely deserves justice, his justice has come when the police have failed enough investigated his murder and instead tried to cover up the shooting of my husband,” Davis said. “I think we forget that part. My husband was a survivor of police brutality. He was shot that day and a few months later, once they realize he was unarmed, he is suddenly the object of a crime. I think Mosby keeps trying my husband because I keep challenging her.”